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Scott!My name’s James Scott Miller, but please, call me Scott. I love beer, and I love to write. That’s probably all you need to know for now, but I’m going to ramble on a bit anyway.

My earliest beer encounters, which involved fizzy, pale liquids of questionable freshness, left me dispirited and even angry. How had this mix of club soda and diluted lemon juice gained such popularity? Which of Satan’s henchmen was to blame?

But years later (now years ago), a good beer somehow wandered into my mouth and, for several dazzling seconds, sloshed itself around on my tongue. Flavors erupted as a veil lifted from the stars, and I could see galaxies.

Since then, my mouth and brain have been chugging information about beer, whether by browsing online brew boards or by taking beers for test drives (not literally, mind you!). Now my beer knowledge could fill a brewpub.

My friends and family seem to appreciate this information (emphasis on “seem”—they could be humoring me), and I know they enjoy my fridge full of high-quality beers, so I’ve decided to take my show on the e-road to educate a larger audience. You can expect reviews of exotic beers, musings about beer’s place in modern culture, and plenty of exciting facts about beer and the brewing process.

And to wrap things up, it’s catch-phrase time:

Read. Pour. Explore.

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