Posted by: Scott | May 27, 2010

New Site Update

Hello, everyone. I’m checking in, as the title implies, to provide info about the new site’s progress. My job with the Census has interfered with development, but I’ve finally adjusted to the hours and resumed my work. The new WordPress template looks quite nice; as I said in a previous post, it streamlines the interface and makes beer(ein)stein feel more like an online magazine.

But there have been hiccups. WordPress blogs have a wonderful import/export function that lets you extract all of your existing content, including articles, comments, formatting, etc., and transfer it to another blog. I did this and plugged everything into the new template, but most articles came out looking something like this:


I’ve been spending a lot of time tweaking the code to make everything look as not-like-crap as possible, but I also need to update all internal links so they don’t take people to the old beer(ein)stein and correct numerous other problems, so it could take a while.

I know that the image posted above isn’t much of a taste of things to come, but hopefully my secrecy will make the full launch all the more impressive. I’ll keep updating here as often as I can, so please keep coming back. You just might find a new review or article.

Oh, and when I launch, expect a full review – not of a beer, but of my job with the Census.



  1. “Oh, and when I launch, expect a full review – not of a beer, but of my job with the Census.”

    -yowsa! can’t WAIT for that review!

    • It should be … interesting. Already three pages long!

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