Posted by: Scott | May 9, 2010

Under Construction

Two days ago, on a fiery Friday afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, I made up my mind to redesign beer(ein)stein. During the setup (which should take a week or so), this blog will be available — in fact, I might leave it up indefinitely, with a link to my new site — but I probably won’t have time for updates, and some links might redirect to the domain I’m working on,, which should display a maintenance splash page that will probably link back here. Confused? Me too. Web design is an exercise in consternation.

I know you’ve come to rely on my special brand of drunken wit, so beer(ein)stein will return as soon as I can wrestle the new site onto the interwebs. I assure you, the upgrade will be worth the hopefully brief wait. My new site will use’s publishing platform, so it’ll feel less like a blog and more like an online magazine. The template I’ve selected delivers a more appealing, streamlined look and dynamic new navigation features. Beer(ein)stein will be back and better than ever before you know it!

EDIT: Some weird stuff happened today, so the upgrade might take longer than expected. I’ll try to continue posting  regular updates here while dealing with life stuff and building the new website. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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