Posted by: Scott | March 4, 2010

Reader Input Day!

I’ve often heard that writers should write for themselves and no one else. This is true to an extent — writing from the heart lends authenticity to your work, and if you always write about the subjects you love, it shows in your writing. Without that personal enjoyment, writing becomes work, and let’s face it, work makes us miserable, lonely people, which usually leads to dangling participles, comma splices, and other bogeymen of the English language.

But (and that’s a Sir-Mix-a-Lot-sized but) most writers don’t sneak out in the night with manuscripts tucked under their suede-patched elbows, reading their words in caves by candlelight, laughing merrily and drinking mead, then waiting till morning to stow it away again, somewhere safe, somewhere it can wait patiently to be read again, but only by its owner. No, most writers want to tell a story, and that’s hardly fun if your sole reader is you. Either way, we do care what other people think; otherwise we probably wouldn’t bother with this bloated hydra known as the Internet.

My point in this bizarre tirade is that I want to know what you think. You, my readers, who put up with me whenever you view this blog, can provide better insight than I, because I’ve been putting up with myself for years, and as a result my own input about myself has become somewhat … unstable.

The comments section is now open. Please sound off about what you think could make beer(ein)stein better. To aid you in aiding me, here’s a nifty, easy-to-use poll:

Monday: We’ll see how several flagship craft beers stack up against each other.



  1. How about Godzilla wearing funny hats?

    Though I guess I could settle for more info about the history of beer, and maybe some videos. And more polls!

    • Videos are a great idea! Perhaps I could make a video of Godzilla in a sombrero … but we’d have to tie it back to beer somehow. Maybe Godzilla wearing a sombrero while drinking a Corona and then breathing fire?

      I enjoyed doing this poll. Hopefully I get some good feedback! 🙂

  2. Oh, and I’ll admit it … the first vote for “More beer” was mine.

  3. Godzilllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! *mouth keeps moving*

    • We must flee! *mouth also keeps moving*

  4. I wanted to vote for them all (execpt shorter articles) but it wouldn’t let me. So I voted for science. (yes, I’m a geek, I admit it) In reverse order, I want
    > longer articles
    > more history
    > more beer
    > Godzilla wearing a funny hat . . drinking more beer!
    >more science
    >more beer
    > did I mention more beer?

    David’s comment was funny . .

    • I’ll definitely be getting more involved in the science as I start homebrewing, which will hopefully happen VERY soon. Expect articles detailing the process, then reviewing the product! I love beer history stuff, so I’ll start focusing more on that too. Thanks for the input!

  5. Scott,

    Your writing style is what keeps me coming back time and time again. There’s few things I enjoy more than seeing my Google Reader show a new Beer(ein)stein post in bold.

    Your photography always catches my eye, so I would be pleased to see more photos accompanying each post. Some of the best posts of yours are the ones that have an underlying theme throughout.

    I feel like I haven’t been much help here, but the truth is that Beer(ein)stein is well-written, creative, and fun. Keep material like this coming and I don’t see too much need for change.


    Also, being a fellow blogger I know how much effort it takes to put together a decent review. So, with this in mind I would ask for more reviews!

    Basically, you run a tight ship here and your passion for beer shows through with each paragraph.

    • Wow, thanks for the kind words! I enjoy your blog for many of the same reasons, especially your inventive review style.

      Although I can’t take credit for the photography! I’m a lucky guy.

  6. Ok, more beer is good, and so is history and science, oh and let’s not forget about Godzilla (beer). I like reading anything you write – and I agree with James W. – more photos!

    • I can’t believe Godzilla is almost winning this … I’m going to have to do something Godzilla-related in the near future now. And thanks! I’ll ask my wife to take more pictures 🙂

  7. Perhaps I’m the odd man out (my solo vote seems to indicate so!) but I would like to see the actual reviews get a bit more in depth. There’s nothing wrong with them now, but it seems like you often fall back to quick descriptions about the taste, aroma, appearance, mouthfeel, etc. These are all great, but it would be nice to see a bit more analysis, of the sort you do in your music and movie reviews. I’m sure it’s a bit harder to do that with beer… but I think you’re up to the challenge!

    Don’t lose the stories that accompany the reviews, though; those are all great.

    • I appreciate the constructive criticism. And I’ve definitely felt as if I’ve undersold a few beers’ actual attributes for the sake of a shorter article … but now that I know (or have gleaned from the comments) that most people don’t mind longer articles, I’ll take a stab at adding more depth to that aspect of the reviews. Thanks again, Tom!

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