Posted by: Scott | January 7, 2010

Burton Baton Review

Long before I began my bromance with beer, Dogfish Head was brewing some of the best ales around. And they still are — their current lineup includes a stellar selection of year-round beers, seasonals, and occasional Frankenbeer’s monsters.

So you might be wondering why I’ve hardly mentioned them before now. The answer is, uh … here’s a review! To avoid a biased critique, I chose a Dogfish Head beer that’s completely new to me: Burton Baton, an oak-aged imperial IPA, which I have nicknamed Burt. According to Dogfish Head’s website, it’s actually their 90 Minute IPA (which I love) blended with an oak-aged English strong ale. Whatever they did, it worked. I even bought a second bottle — you know, just to be sure.

I get the second bottle home, wrench loose the cap, and tilt. It pours the color of crystalline sap and carries aromas of caramel, citrus, and fresh, clean grass. Burt definitely smells like an IPA — but at the same time it doesn’t. Discombobulated, I go in for a sip. Sweet malt assaults my palate. The hours this ale spent in oak have imparted huge vanilla and caramel flavors, and the hops add grapefruit and pine on the finish. At 10% ABV, the alcohol nips at the tongue a bit, but overall Burt is well-balanced and extremely drinkable. Sweet, intense, and full-bodied. It rolls over the tongue like Valhallan nectar.

It’s also an outstanding ale for any occasional, although I think it would pair particularly well with barbecue. If only it weren’t so pricey (see Stats!), I’d drink a Burt every day … OK, the nickname thing is getting weird. Let’s just say that after this beer, my opinion of Dogfish Head has changed absolutely not at all.

Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 10%
IBU: 70
Glassware: Pint Glass or Snifter
Serving Temp: 50-55° F
Price Range: $13-$15 per 4-pack (well worth it!)

Monday: A new ongoing feature about the wonderful art of the Black & Tan.


  1. I LOVE 90 min so I would probably love this as well. Good review!

    • Thanks! There’s definitely a good chance you’ll love this.

  2. That beer was so delicious, it was like drinking heaven in a bottle

    • Indeed! Thanks for commenting.

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