Posted by: Scott | November 19, 2009

Miller Heavy

Sorry, loyal readers: Technical difficulties derailed today’s article. You’ll have to wait till Monday to read about my beer-trek through the desert. For now, I’m revisiting my Halloween feature by extracting this quote from Henry Miller’s 1925 work “Make Beer for Man”:

“Keep your libraries, your penal institutions, your insane asylums … give me beer. You think man needs rule, he needs beer. The world does not need morals, it needs beer. It does not need your lectures and charity. The souls of men have been fed with indigestibles, but the soul could make use of beer.”

-Henry Miller

Heavy stuff. We humans have spent our history erecting things like fortresses and governments and fast food drive-throughs. We’ve built structures that catch on Heaven’s undercarriage. But what of beer, the mortar in our base? Would our skies be less toxic, would our brothers and sisters be less, uh … shot at … if we carried goblets and growlers instead of guns?

Beer nourishes the flesh—pyramids were built on its back, after all, and many monks subsist on little else during fasts. But it also dazzles the mind and girds the spirit. Give me a pint a day and I’d be too blissfully besotted to wage a war or mess with drugs! I’d probably write a poem instead.

Author’s note: Beer isn’t a drug, silly! Which brings me to another quote, from Reverend Lovejoy back when The Simpsons was actually worth watching:

“Once something has been approved by the government, it’s no longer immoral!”

-Rev. Timothy Lovejoy


Monday: Beer trek! Finally! I hope!

(The pictured beer is a Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery. Tasty! And yeah, it’s in a weizen glass. Wanna fight about it?)



  1. You know, I think it can be a challenge to call oneself a beer connoisseur in America. In America I think most people regard beer as a drug… You do good by caaling it as it is: food. If more people simply enjoyed one glass or can of their favorite brew, things would be alot different. Of course, as I write this, I’m pretty drunk. 🙂

    • Haha, well said.

  2. I went on a mini-beer trek yesterday, apparently, starting with enjoying a Double Bastard with a jalapeno burger, then enjoying a Bourbon County stout with my best friend’s dad, then a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale amongst friends, then hitting a concert and having two Sierra Nevadas and an Anchor Steam while watching Call Me Ishmael play their last show under that moniker while playing zero songs that have ever been released. Very odd.

    • That sounds great. I didn’t even know Call Me Ishmael was still around (though I guess they aren’t, now?).

      I loves me some Double Bastard. And some Bourbon County stout. And Dogfish Head. And Sierra Nevada. And Anchor Steam. Hopefully you weren’t driving!

  3. i was driving, but i also made sure to stop drinking well before i would leave any locale.

    • Good man!

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