Posted by: Scott | October 27, 2009

Kirkland Hefeweizen Review

kirklandRemember that photo of me in Exploring the World of Beer? If not … go look at it. Back? All right, as you saw, I felt the urge to be holding a beer in the shot (security blanket?), so I excavated this Kirkland Signature Hefeweizen from a nearby family fridge. Kirkland is essentially Costco-brand beer (although it’s actually made by Gordon Biersch), so to be honest I wasn’t prepping a combo of the words “mind” and “blowing” for this review.

It pours hazy orange with a sticky inch of head that recedes quickly into nothing. Be gentle when opening and pouring this one or you’ll end up staring at a glass full of white sediment floaties. (Don’t worry; the presence of sediment is typical for the style.) My bottle had been stored on its side, so I let ‘em sink before drinking.

Brew smells fine. Bananas, cloves, a hint of citrus—all typical hefe stuff, but pleasant. Enticed by the nose, I take a swig. And … fish?! The fruit is still prominent but tastes a little tainted, as if one of the bananas, in a bizarre stocking mishap, was accidentally stored with the mackerel.

These less desirable undertones subside as it warms, and you start to taste more of the hefe flavors—but there’s still not a lot to taste. If you want a simple, straightforward hefeweizen on the cheap, Kirkland’s will get the job done, but you can also do a lot better. My advice? Go with a German classic from Weihenstephan or Franziskaner instead.



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